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Driving Customer Engagement

Highly  engaged  customers  get  more  value  from  your product or service  and  in  turn  spend  more  and  churn  less.  Digital engagement, or the  sum  of  all  non-transactional  interactions  customers  have  with  your  brand through mobile or online channels, is crucial for creating and continually strengthening behavioral and emotional loyalty. Lenati can  help  you  think  through ways to engage your customers at just the right time with just the right touch, leveraging product design, marketing and “big data”.


Antje Helfrich, Senior Manager, Lenati

Antje  Helfrich  is  a  Senior  Manager  at  Lenati  and  brings  over  20  years  of  experience  developing  B2B  and  B2C  customer-centric  marketing  strategies.  She  has  led  successful  initiatives  with  well-known  brands  including  Starbucks,  Microsoft,  T-Mobile,  SAP,  AT&T  and  more.  Antje  is  passionate  about  the  intersection  across  business,  customer,  and  marketing  technologies.  As  a  leader  in  Lenati’s  Customer  Experience  Practice,  she  helps  clients  create  meaningful  customer  experiences  programs  that  drive  loyalty  and  generate  business  growth.

Rich Perkins, Marketing Strategy Manager, Lenati

Rich  Perkins  is  a  Manager  at  Lenati  and  has  over  8  years  of  experience  in  marketing  &  sales  strategy,  customer  experience,  and  media  &  advertising  in  industries  including  technology,  telecom,  automotive,  CPG,  finance,  and  publishing.  At  his  work's  core,  is  a  focus  on  aligning  brand  strategy  with  marketing  and  sales  initiatives  to  acquire  and  grow  brands’  customers.  He  is  passionate  about  merging  qualitative  and  quantitative  research  to  tell  brand  stories  and  drive  customer  engagement.

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