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Building Trust with Personalization: How Relevant Personalization Deepens Customer Relationships

Consumer behavior continues to evolve driven by the digital transformation.  Consumer expectations are high and how organizations engage can either injure or build trust.  Being relevant is the key to understanding customers in the moment and a way to break-through and strengthen the relationship. 

FICO has delivered pioneering analytics and solutions that detect customer interactions and delivers the next best offer and/or relevant message in real-time.  FICO applies advanced analytics and decisioning software to understand your customer, their context and identify most relevant interaction for the moment.

In this Customer Expo session, presented by Michael Testa, North American Retail & Loyalty Vertical Lead and John Koltonowski, Senior Director, Global Retail Practice, attendees will learn how to:
  • - Deliver customer relevancy and build trust through Hyper-Personalization
  • - Anticipate customer needs through advance analytics and decision software
  • - Stay ahead of your competition and adapt to the changing conditions


Michael Testa, North American Retail & Loyalty Vertical Lead, FICO

Michael Testa is the North American Retail & Loyalty Vertical Lead at FICO.  Michael works with leading retail and loyalty organizations to utilize advance analytics and decisioning management software to make smarter decisions.  Prior to working at FICO, Michael held marketing leadership positions at Hudson’s Bay Company, Experian, Rogers Wireless and CIBC Card Products.  Michael holds a MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University.

John Koltonowski, Retail Practice Leader, FICO Marketing Solutions

John is the Retail Practice Leader at FICO.  John provides thought leadership and is responsible for the delivery of FICO Retail Solutions focusing on analytics, technology and process.  John has over 25 years of business and consulting experience in personalization, marketing, customer management, information technology and organization transformation. Prior to joining FICO, John held various positions at the Kellogg Company and Ernst & Young.  John is a graduate of Northwood University.

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