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Executive Perspectives in Review: A Current Look at Loyalty Differentiators

This session, moderated by Mark Johnson, will cover vital topics from the Executive Perspectives series with the Baesman Insights & Marketing team.  The session focuses on the urgent shifts in the loyalty landscape that are disrupting brands and driving them to evolve, or risk irrelevance. The session dives into three areas from the series. Disruptive brands, the importance of defining loyalty for brands and customers and utilizing analytics to uncover meaningful insights.


Jeff Sopko, Baesman Insights & Marketing

Jeff Sopko co-founder and President, Baesman Insights & Marketing, has established himself within technology and agency ecosystems as both a visionary leader and growth advisor.
Jeff’s career is highlighted by his extensive work with entrepreneurs and rapidly growing companies in the SaaS, technology, consulting, and big data agency space.
Through Jeff’s leadership Baesman Insights & Marketing has established itself as a highly responsive, yet boutique provider of fact-based marketing strategy and execution services for the retail, fashion and home services brands.
Prior to founding the Baesman agency Jeff served as a senior executive and advisor to companies in Toronto, Ontario, Los Angeles and as CEO of a business and technology consultancy supporting both Fortune 1000 and brands.

Kim Welther, Vice President of Loyalty Strategy, Baesman Insights & Marketing

As VP of Marketing Strategy, Kim leads Baesman's loyalty, data and strategic initiatives. She is tasked with driving client growth, customer acquisition and creating data-driven retention strategies.

Before joining the Baesman team, Kim spent more than a decade at Victoria's Secret in Direct-To-Consumer campaign strategy and analysis. She built profitable customer acquisition and retention strategies from data-driven analysis to achieve company goals.

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