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Lonnie Mayne, Founder & CEO, Red Shoes Living

Lonnie Mayne created Red Shoes Living while serving as president of InMoment. What began as an internal initiative to define and give structure to the distinctive InMoment culture, quickly grew into a vehicle through which Mayne and the company could provide support for a necessary, but often neglected factor so necessary in building successful, customer-centric organizations: the human factor.

Today, Lonnie is an internationally recognized speaker and coach, sharing his message of “standing out” and creating exceptional experiences for employees, customers and in personal relationships. He has become a regular presenter at the prestigious British Citizen Awards. Held biannually at the Palace of Westminster, the awards recognize individuals for doing extraordinary things, truly making a difference in their local communities.

Whether it's business or personal, Lonnie believes that Red Shoes Living is a way of life. His impactful presentations and leadership coaching provide guidance to individuals and organizations on how to create authentic, memorable relationships and cultures. 

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