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State of Fraud in Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are built on trust. Fraud can take it all away quickly, leaving long-lasting damage in its wake. A Maritz Motivation Solutions study validates these sentiments, with 58% of actual loyalty fraud victims stating that their experience made them less trusting of the brand. The best way to understand the threat of loyalty fraud is to take a reality break from your current role and attend this session. During this presentation, we’ll discuss common symptoms of loyalty fraud, types of loyalty fraud and steps you can take to have a secure loyalty program.


Melayna Gabiou, Marketing Director, Kount

  • Melayna is the Director of Marketing at Kount and been with the company since 2014. She is responsible for the digital marketing team activities. Her experience working with fraud professionals has founded a new passion to bring-to-market best practices and solutions related to stopping fraudsters online. Launching fraud mitigation strategies that include a creative voice and compelling message is what drives her everyday work.  Prior to joining Kount, Melayna managed events and demand generation activities at Clearwater Analytics. Melayna Gabiou grew up in Boise, Idaho and attended Boise State University earning a BBA in Marketing

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