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Non-Promotional Rewards: How Luxottica is Changing their Customer Loyalty Experience

While loyalty programs vary in their approach to attract and retain customers, one thing is certain: the landscape for customer loyalty is changing. The digital age has more ways to reach customers than ever before, but at the cost of a marketing information overload. As potential customers sort through a trove of offers to find programs that fit their consumer habits, companies are struggling to stand out from the masses.
Luxottica’s SunPerks, the loyalty program for Sunglass Hut, offers many features to members including services such as replacement coverage, member only deals and priority access to different events and products. They even sent select members to Fashion Week this year. Their Oakley MVP program, which launched last September, offers similar replacement, deals, and access to priority events.
The main goals of these programs, according to Luxottica, is to improve their average customer repurchase cycle and to drive repeat business.
In his Customer Expo session, Brian Venuti, Vice President of Global CRM at Luxottica, will discuss how businesses can engage customers by offering alternative loyalty incentives and rewards.
Key Takeaways:
  • - Loyalty companies need to drive value and engagement through a variety of different ways to both stand out to customers and retain their business.
  • - Content strategy has many challenges and considerations including definition, sourcing, frequency and balancing mass and personalized content.
  • - When considering non-promotional elements of a value proposition it is important to understand customer expectations and how they fit within the customer journey.
  • - Non-promotional incentives and rewards have real ROI and can directly contribute to the business.


Brian Venuti, Vice President, Global CRM, Luxottica Group

At Luxottica, Brian is the VP of Global CRM responsible for customer and patient strategies across the optical and sunglass businesses. Prior to Luxottica, he ran CRM at Etrade where he oversaw customer experience and channel strategy. His experience includes companies like Sears and Capital One where he worked to develop segmentation, targeted marketing capabilities and institute direct response innovations. He was a finalist in the Loyalty and Gamification World Championships. He received his MBA from the University of Virginia.

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