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Customer Chemistry: Inside Thermo Fisher’s Quest to Leverage VoC in Building Loyalty Across Product Lines

Monday, November 6, 2017 - 2:35 PM - 3:20 PM
Given its unique market position—in addition to its sheer scope of products—Thermo Fisher Scientific faces a very specific set of challenges in creating brand loyalty. Namely, the brand has encountered hurdles in moving customers from product loyalty to brand loyalty. A customer may swear by Lipofectamine 3000, but lack awareness of the larger line of other Thermo Fisher products. To combat this, the brand leaned into VoC data to find what customers were buying, and what kind of loyalty came as a result. From there, building cross product awareness was a matter of looking beyond the transactional relationship and finding ways to connect with consumers, 60% of whom had previously not been interacting with the brand directly.
In her upcoming session at Customer Expo session, Thermo Fisher Senior Director of Customer Loyalty Doreen Pippen will explain how the company approached the task of building customer loyalty not only for certain product lines, but across the full spectrum of products offered.
Key Takeaways
  • - Embracing loyalty from an emotional perspective, rather than purely transactional
  • - Best practices surrounding the cultivation of brand loyalty, rather than product loyalty; avoiding a “siloed” consumer perspective
  • - The role of internal alignment in creating and maintaining a “brand story”


Doreen Pippen, Senior Director of Customer Loyalty, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Doreen Pippen is the Senior Director of Customer Loyalty for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Doreen has the privilege of leading a team of talented customer evangelists that are responsible for creating and driving the Loyalty Strategy for the Life Science Solutions division. This newly formed team will bring a novel loyalty program to market that delights scientists aimed at developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with our customers and will fuel our advanced marketing initiative to boost our commercial impact. Doreen joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2005 and has led multiple teams of product, regional and global market development managers in the Service & Support organization and the RNAi & Epigenetics business. Doreen also served in roles as a product and market development manager within the Protein Analysis and Real-time PCR reagents businesses, where she became a passionate, master practitioner of User Centered Innovation (UCI) and has been an influential leader in the practice of this methodology. Prior to Thermo Fisher Scientific, Doreen was a product manager for Varian Incorporated and a Senior Scientist for Gena, Inc. Doreen holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of San Diego and a Master of Business Administration from National University. 

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