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Bridging the Marketer’s Divide: How Personalization, Data, and Optimization Can Drive a Positive Customer Experience and Build Trust [Research Preview]

There is a realization from marketers today that personalization and sanguine data sets driven by effective data process is tables stakes in the marketing discussion. However, the “how to” is not so easy for marketers to understand, let alone operationalize.

The complexity inherent in this process; banal, confusing and potentially arcane verbiage can lead to confusion for marketers. Best in class customer experience is about effective orchestration of the entire value chain to deliver a personalized, authentic, consistent, and responsive experience. However, this is still a challenge for many brands in today’s new marketing paradigm. As marketers know due to a variety of internal and external forces, from silos, to data regulations, to knowledge gaps, legacy systems, and rapidly changing technologies.


This session will look at challenges that exist in the market and how brands could be thinking about the opportunity in a manner that can be advantageous to their customer loyalty efforts, their customers’ expectations, and the opportunity to stand out in their competitive set. Understanding “where they are”, “where to go” and “how to get there” are challenges for marketers bereft of a marketing playbook and honest technology guide. This discussion will give those in attendance a candid assessment of the market today.

Based on research conducted by Loyalty360 and supported by SAP to be released in early November 2018, Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360 and Kevin Cochrane, CMO, SAP Customer Experience, and special guests will give a preview of the full report by concentrating on three important areas: a focus on personalization, data management and privacy, and effective measurement and planning in evaluating the state of their organizations with respect to marketing becoming a trust source of business.


Greg Chase, VP Guest Strategy & Insights, MGM Resorts International


Jimmy Budnik, Vice President of Customer Care,

Jimmy Budnik,’s Vice President of Customer Care, began his  career  with  the  online  retailer  in  2008  as  a  Senior  Process  Improvement  Engineer  after  half  a  decade  working  as  an  Industrial  Engineer,  first  with  UPS,  then  with  Homeshield.  
Budnik  has  held  several  positions  in  his  time  at  Overstock,  where  he  developed  strategies  and  executed  improvements  initiatives  to  drive  growth  and  improve  the  customer  experience.  These  roles  included  transitioning  between  multiple  departments  as  a  Chief  of  Staff,  including  Customer  Care,  Marketing,  Merchandising,  and  the  Office  of  the  President.  Also  during  this  time,  he  was  a  Senior  Director  of  the  Product  Content  Teams,  worked  in  Overstock’s  technology  incubator,  OLabs,  and  most  recently  he  served  in  a  dual  role  as  the  General  Manager  of  Marketplace  and  the  General  Merchandising  Manager  for  Home  Essentials  and  Apparel. 
In  his  current  role  as  VP  of  Customer  Care,  Budnik  leads  a  workforce  of  hundreds  of  associates  that  consistently  deliver  a  world-class  customer  experience,  while  promoting  the  customer-centric  culture  that  has  given  Overstock  the  reputation  as  an  award-winning  leader  in  online  retail  customer  service  for  nearly  two  decades.

Bernard Chung, Head of Product Marketing, Marketing Cloud, SAP Customer Experience

Bernard is passionate about helping organizations transform to successfully engage their audiences, to orchestrate the perfect customer experiences across channels to drive demand. He has worked with some of the leading brands in the world in developing customer engagement strategies and tactics. Currently, he is the head of product marketing for the SAP Marketing Cloud solutions.  Prior to joining SAP, Bernard held database marketing and marketing operations roles at American Express and Wells Fargo Bank.

Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360

As CEO & CMO of Loyalty360, Mark is committed to bringing loyalty to the forefront as a critical marketing strategy. To further this goal, he has created an unbiased, market-driven clearinghouse and think tank through which users and loyalty providers can interact and collaborate with. His finger on the pulse of what’s happening in loyalty, Mark is driven to give members the expert insight and guidance they need to develop strategies and implement programs that effectively engage their customers and employees and build stronger relationships with them.

Mark has significant experience in selling, designing and administering prepaid, loyalty/CRM programs, as well as data-driven marketing communication programs. He received his start in loyalty program design while at Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, OH where he developed the bank’s open (merchant-based gift card) and closed (MasterCard) system stored value programs (Premiere Issue).

Following, Mark was Vice President of Product Development at Stored Value Systems. Through efforts, SVS designed the gift card mall product and wrote its first comprehensive market evaluation on loyalty. He was also responsible for the recommendation to acquire the assets of DataMark Technologies and their loyalty processing clients. At Size Technologies, Mark sold loyalty and CRM programs to Alliance Data Systems (Dynamic Value), Carlson Marketing Group (Gold Points Replacement), National Processing Company/Bank of America, Blackhawk Marketing/Safeway and First Data Resources.

Mark has his undergraduate degree in mass communications (media management) from Miami University, an M.B.A from the University of Cincinnati, and is currently pursuing an M.B.A. in Business Information - Statistics from Xavier University. A recognized thought leader in loyalty marketing, Mark shares his expert insights with media worldwide. He is a regular contributor to Hotel Executive and 21st Century Business and has been featured in FoxBusiness, NBC News, ABC News, New York Times, Washington Post, 1to1 Magazine, MarketingSherpa, CRM Magazine and The PrePaid Press.

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