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Brand ID: Maintaining Alignment Through Scale, with Balance Grille

While entrepreneurs face an immense number of challenges in simply starting a business, the tallest hurdles often emerge when striving to achieve scale and being able to pivot when needed or called for by market opportunities that may not have been part of the original “vision.” Not only must these companies navigate the obvious logistical obstacles, but also need to answer larger questions about where the foundation of the brand’s DNA lies, and how these core values can be maintained at scale especially in the face of feedback that gives them datapoints that put forth opportunities that could, if actualized, create greater opportunities.
Prakash “PK” Karamchandani knows all about these growing pains. As the founder of Balance Pan-Asian Grille, Karamchandani has expanded the brand from one location to four, with additional expansion planned. His session at Customer Expo will focus on this growth, and how a chain largely built upon a set of values remains aligned with that mission statement. Although small, yet as seen by several major award wins for Prakash “PK” and Balance Grille, the story of Balance Grille is quite “mighty” and is one that all brands can learn from!
Key Takeaways:
- The challenge of staying true to core organizational values, especially when navigating the growth phase of a small business 

- Alignment at every stage of business growth, and understanding the pieces that make up the brand identity 

- The importance of “failing once,” and using lessons learned to improve future initiatives.


Prakash Karamchandani, Co-founder, Balance Grille

Prakash is a self-proclaimed foodie and technology junkie who co-founded Balance Pan-Asian Grille, a nationally-acclaimed fast-casual Asian fusion multi-unit concept based in Ohio. Prakash oversees development and finance, as well as leads the brand’s marketing and technological innovation efforts. Since starting the venture in 2010, Prakash has been recognized as a Top 24 Fast Casual Executive and a 20 Under 40 recipient as recently as 2017. In addition to meeting his co-founder at the University of Toledo, Prakash met his wife and is a father of two.

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