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The Lens of CX – An Optical Perspective on Building Communities and Customer Experience from the Ground Floor

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What does it mean for a brand to be part of a community? Community-centric companies have shown to have a more loyal customer base and stronger sales patterns, even during challenging economic times. But how does a brand adopt a true community mindset across its organization? How can community become part of a company’s culture to build meaningful relationships with its customers?

Al Perkinson, VP of Marketing for Costa Sunglasses and Diana Helfinstine, Vice President of Customer Experience for Essilor will share their insights on how they have developed superior customer experience strategies within their organizations.

Costa Sunglasses, one of the fastest growing sport performance sunglasses brands in the world, will share how they have successfully implemented an integrated community program as part of the company’s growth strategy. Targeting anglers and outdoors enthusiasts, Costa has kept a laser-beam focus on its community strategy, and has seen sales increase more than 20 percent each year for the past 10 years.

By using Costa’s success story and learning lessons, Al Perkinson will give specific examples of how brands can too implement their own community-based growth strategy.

Additionally, Diana Helfinstine will share her experience with beginning Essilor’s CX Journey in developing and implementing a customer experience strategy, with answers to these key questions:

Why do we need a Customer Experience Program?

• How can I gain C-Suite buy-in?

• What are the steps to a successful Customer Experience Program?

• What does success look like?

This business case study provides a blueprint for launching a CX program, as well as lessons learned along the way, that can make a big difference in your journey.


Al Perkinson, Vice President of Marketing, Costa Sunglasses


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