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Helping the Customer Help Themselves: Overstock's Move Toward Self-Service Could Reimagine the Customer Experience

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A prominent challenge in the age of e-commerce is ensuring that every customer receives an exceptional experience, while remaining hands-off enough to avoid intruding on the shopper’s trip through the virtual storefront. To do this, Overstock is adapting its CX structure, which had been built with the intention of offering a white-glove, ushered experience. Moving to an offering based on self-service has instead forced the company to find the best point within the experience to step in and “take the ball” to provide additional guidance when needed.
Join Brian Popelka, Overstock’s Senior VP of Customer and Partner Care, as he discusses the original strategies that brought Overstock its immense e-commerce success, why that approach no longer translates into today’s market, and how the company continues to adapt its mindset to find success in a constantly shifting space.


Brian Popelka, SVP of Supplier and Customer Care,

Brian Popelka, as senior vice president of supplier and customer care, is responsible for the strategic direction and operational effectiveness of Overstock's award- winning customer care department. Under his direction, the department has repeatedly ranked in the top four of the former NRF Foundation/American Express Customer Choice Awards, and earned the Gartner Gold Award and the 2011 Stevie Award for the Retail Customer Service Department of the Year. Popelka also oversees all relations with the company's drop-ship fulfillment partners.

Popelka has held several positions since joining the Overstock in 2002, including business to business manager, director of the books, media, movies and games department, and vice president of customer care. In these roles, Popelka has contributed greatly to the success of Overstock, helping to set the tone of the company's culture while at the same time spearheading development of a media channel, travel site, and auto sales site.

Popelka holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Broadcasting, Film and History from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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