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Loyalty Revisited – A Retrospective Panel Discussion with Customer Expo “Alumni”

An evolution in customer loyalty has been taking place for the last several years, spurred by the explosion of customer data and new technologies now available to help make sense of it. Gone are the days when a traditional rewards program on its own can effectively build true customer loyalty. Today’s marketers are taking a more holistic approach to building customer loyalty, using customer data and voice of the customer to offer more intelligent programs, deliver customer experiences that align with customer’s expectations and engage customers in ways that are relevant, feel authentic and expected. Given the ongoing and relatively rapid changes that continue to take place in the marketing and customer landscape it’s helpful to look at where we’ve come from, because looking back can be an important part of understanding where we are going.

This panel discussion will be a retrospective on how customer loyalty programs have evolved over the last one, two and three years. You’ll hear from past conference speakers who will discuss how their programs and overall customer loyalty strategies have changed since they’ve last presented to the expo audience. Panelists will discuss the journey of their customer loyalty programs, what’s worked – and hasn’t worked – along the way. As brands put increasing focus on building customer relationships and long-term loyalty, panelist will share their perspective on the changing role of loyalty within the overall customer strategy for their organizations and how it has impacted overall business objectives.

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