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Leveraging Emotional Loyalty: How Vans Invited Their Fans to Join the Vans Family

For most brands, building emotional connection with customers is aspirational, and often a goal that the organization falls short of achieving. In this presentation we’ll discuss how Vans’ deep understanding of its own culture and history provided a platform to launch Vans Family, an innovative loyalty program explicitly designed to resonate with Vans’ biggest fans.  We’ll dive into how Vans worked through the design of an on-brand, lifestyle centered loyalty program and how Vans made the explicit decision to anchor in brand connection versus transactional drivers.  The result has been incredible market demand since launch.

Key Takeaways:
  • - The history and culture of Vans and how that brand DNA is reflected in experience design
  • - The customer-centric design process Vans took to develop a program with emotional resonance as an explicit objective
  • - The successful program launch process that led to immediate demand and program enrollments of more than half a million members in the first few months
  • - How the brand’s commitment to self-expression empowers their biggest fans, from store employees to brand loyalists
  • - How Vans commitment of only asking for data they are going to use has built brand trust and enhanced customer-brand relationships through two-way conversations


​Frank Neumann, Sr. Director of Consumer Lifecycle Management & Loyalty, Vans

Frank Neumann is the Sr. Director of Consumer Lifecycle Management & Loyalty at Vans, responsible for strategy, development and execution of global programs that build lasting relationships with Vans consumers. Mr. Neumann is an expert in developing in-depth customer understanding and employing advanced data analytics to identify and capitalize upon game-changing business opportunities. With an extensive background in retail and CPG having held leadership positions at brands like Proctor & Gamble and Bath & Body Works, he is skilled in melding global CPG and retail business knowledge with changing market conditions, competitive analysis and emerging methodologies to drive innovation with sound, holistic insights.

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