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Engagement Through Entanglement: Staying Top of Mind Through Collaboration

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When it comes to building a foundation of customer loyalty, brands must think outside the walls of their location. If a company’s CX efforts stop as soon as the customer walks out of the building, it can expect a lackluster enthusiasm from consumers in return. Caesars Entertainment took this strategy to heart, placing a focus on staying top of mind not only while guests were inside the property, but also long after they had ended their stay. Part of this engagement comes as a result of a highly successful mobile app, adding another option through which guests can engage with the company.

Through tactics value-added partnerships and a highly successful mobile app, Caesars has been able to create entanglement through a large and diverse set of outside customer interactions. Join Michael Marino, senior vice president, loyalty & digital, for a look at how Caesars extended its CX far beyond its properties, and substantially improved its position as a part of its customers’ lives.

Key Takeaways: 

1. Engaging customers, even when they aren’t directly interacting with your brand

2. Offering multiple options for channels in which to engage, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences 

3.  “Entangling” with the lives of consumers, becoming part of their everyday life


Michael Marino, Senior Vice President, Loyalty & Digital, Caesars Entertainment

Michael Marino is the SVP of Loyalty & Digital at Caesars Entertainment.  Michael oversees the Total Rewards Loyalty program, which consists of customers from Caesars’ gaming, hospitality, and online businesses.  Michael also oversees the e-commerce business, digital media, and PlaybyTR, Caesars’ mobile app.  Michael’s previous roles within Caesars include Vice President and Executive Associate to the Chairman, President and CEO and Director of Marketing Analytics.  Prior to joining Caesars, Michael worked at Bain & Company and Capital One Financial.   Michael holds a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from the University of Virginia. 

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