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Built for CX: The Story of How Ally Bank was Created with the Customer in Mind

Given the historic nature of the banking industry, many organizations within the vertical are locked into a brand tradition that is decades, often even centuries old. This is part of what makes Ally bank unique; built from the ground up in 2008, Ally (then GMAC) was able to examine the pain points created by these antiquated processes and form an identity that sought to navigate them in a way that put the customer first. 

Join Ally Bank CMO Andrea Riley as she shares with attendees the story, strategy, and CX initiatives behind the bank that continues to disrupt the banking industry in the interest of creating a better experience for its members.

Key Takeaways:

- How Ally has used its smaller size to its advantage, providing customers with a different, more personal communication tone when compared to larger banks

- The importance of authenticity when building internal CX alignment from the ground up

- The challenge of data analytics, especially personalization, when faced with the “problem” of a rapidly growing customer base  


Andrea Riley, CMO, Ally Bank

Andrea Riley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ally, responsible for overseeing all marketing activities companywide.

Andrea has been an integral part of the growth and evolution of the Ally brand since joining the company in 2008. She oversaw the launch of Ally Bank in 2009, and simultaneously developed marketing efforts to support the transition of Ally’s auto finance business as it grew from a captive finance provider to a market-driven business model. Ally was named a “Top 25 Up and Coming Brand” by The Boston Consulting Company in 2015, alongside companies including Uber, Tesla and Virgin Atlantic.

In September 2016, Andrea launched Ally’s first company-wide brand campaign “Do It Right”, which sums up Ally’s brand philosophy, and relentless focus on customers. It is the first campaign to encompass the full scope of Ally’s financial services offerings under one mantra— including its award-winning online bank, auto finance business, digital wealth management and online brokerage platform, and Corporate Finance operation.
Prior to Ally, Andrea spent 20 years at advertising agencies – most notably leading the Chevrolet account, where she launched the iconic American Revolution campaign.

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