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The Narrative Arc of Church’s Chicken: Digital Customer Engagement Through the Magic of Video-based Storytelling

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There is a growing customer engagement trend that is undoubtedly moving toward digital and away from the static activation of an idea. In this respect, many marketing efforts are becoming more interactive and more immersive. Video is now playing an increasingly larger role in these types of marketing efforts. When executed properly, online and digital video campaigns can command the power of storytelling to create compelling narrative content that connects with the day-to-day lives of viewers.
For Church’s Chicken, its digital video campaigns are all about making great content that succeeds on an emotional level. Through an innovative nine part online documentary series called the World’s Fastest Drummer, which tells the extreme sport’s backstory through the eyes of the participants, and its unique Church’s Love Compton video, which relates the local history and progressive evolution of Compton, California, Church’s Chicken connects with consumers in ways that many traditional advertising mediums cannot.
Join Mark Snyder, CMO of Church’s Chicken, to learn how cutting-edge digital and video can connect and engage both individuals and communities in relevant and deeply meaningful ways.
Attendees will gain a clear understanding of . . .
- Church’s three-pronged digital strategy and how these pillars bring relevant and rewarding content to customers
- How to activate video story telling that is both compelling to current audiences and able to reach new customers
- Why the success of video campaigns should be measured as an increase in engagement overtime


Mark Snyder, Executive Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Church’s Chicken

Fueled by the belief that innovation is the strongest competitive advantage any brand can offer, Mark Snyder leads all marketing and communications efforts for Church’s Chicken® as its Executive Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer.

“In today’s competitive landscape, brands must resonate on multiple levels,” says Snyder. “That means thinking of new ways to communicate long-standing brand attributes and essential brand characteristics. It’s about staying relevant and even leading market shifts as the world around us continues to change.” With an exceptional track record of over 30 years in leading Marketing positions at world-renowned franchises, it’s clear that Snyder’s approach gets results.

Prior to joining Church's Chicken®, Snyder was the Chief Marketing Officer for the 18-billion-dollar KMart big box retail brand, where he designed, developed and executed leading-edge digital and social platform initiatives, most notably the launch of the Kmart “Smart” value proposition and exclusive apparel lines. He has also held executive roles with brands like Residence Inn by Marriott, Hilton Worldwide, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., and Hemsley Hotels Inc. Across these 30 years of expertise in the highly competitive hospitality and retail industries, Snyder’s efforts have consistently delivered profitable revenue growth while simultaneously expanding brand recognition and reach.

In his current role as Church's® Global Chief Marketing Officer, Snyder has expanded on his passion for guest experience and tactical marketing strategies with advancements in the brand’s online presence, including mobile app functionality.

Mark Snyder is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where he earned a degree in Hotel Resort Management.

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